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Undoubtedly, off-roading is super fun. It makes you feel energetic, courageous and whatnot. You experience the best adventure of your life! But at the same time off-roading is challenging and some people often commit some mistakes that makes the journey a bit problematic and not so happening. As the wise saying goes, “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself”. So, we are going to do the same! Here are few mistakes that people do while off-roading which you need to avoid, to enjoy your time to the fullest:


Not having a company!

Enjoying self sounds good until you get stuck somewhere in the middle of nowhere, you run out of fuel, you feel sick, or anything goes wrong! No matter how strong and independent you are it is always good to have a company, someone who could push your vehicle out of mud, someone who could help you change the punctured tyre, someone with whom you can enjoy a nice drink!

Not packing emergency supplies

Expect the unexpected when you are off-roading! Be it all the good things or even bad. All you need to do is be ready for everything. Before beginning your journey, keep these things handy to conquer all the odds:

Enough food and water, at least for 2 days.



Sleeping Bags

First aid Kit having all the medicine you might need,

Tools, using Canvas Tool Roll will be more convenient

Waterproof Canvas Tarpaulin for a good camping experience

Over/Unorganised packing

Although it's a good idea to be prepared, packing too much has its own safety risks. So, bringing everything you own won’t help you much! The towing capacity varies from vehicle to vehicle. Excessive towing can put excessive stress on vehicles, which will eventually affect their performance. Also, it is important to distribute the weight evenly to make climbing steep terrain easy and safe. 

    Not having a Plan B!

It's just as important to have a plan B as it is to have the main plan. You never know when something may come up, so it's important to be prepared. What would you do if the weather changed or something didn't go as planned? You want a backup plan in case something unplanned happens!

    Taking on challenges outside of one's comfort zone

It is good to try new things and adventure but going out of your comfort zone is unsafe, risky and dangerous. An inexperienced off-roader could seriously damage their vehicle or put themselves in danger if they attempt to climb steep inclines or face large obstacles

Rather than pushing themselves too soon, drivers should start out on softer trails and gradually venture onto more challenging trails as they gain experience. Therefore, it's important to know your skills in order to recognize when an obstacle is beyond your abilities. 

Not prepping your vehicle

Do not forget to prepare the one that will make your off-roading successful; your vehicle. Prepare everything for you, but don't forget about your vehicle. Make sure your tyres, gears, and everything else are in good working order. It will be unpleasant to have to return mid-way through your trip because of some 'vehicle issue'. 

Here are some other common mistakes:

Skidding downhill while on the brakes

Ignoring the spotters' advice

No spare tyre

Not securing any loose objects in the car 

Holding the steering wheel tightly with your hands. This can break your thumb if you hit a sharp object.

Keep these things in mind and avoid them to make your off-roading the best experience of life. Explore more, enjoy more and live more!



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