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Rhinotuff® Hooding Canvas 7 Meters

Rhinotuff® Hooding Canvas 7 Meters

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Rhinotuff® Hooding Canvas 7 Meters

The Rhinotuff 18 is an 18 Oz heavy-weight outdoor canvas. Weighing 750 GSM this canvas is 100% waterproof.

Designed especially for 4x4 hooding applications and other accessories.

This is the canvas in its toughest form. The canvas is very thick and indestructible. Treated with special chemistry makes it anti-mildew, which means it will not catch any fungus. The pigments used to color are automotive grade high lightfast which will not fade in the sun.

Available in 3 colors - Sand, Olive, and Black

Width - 2 meters wide

Single piece length - 7 meters. Supplied in roll form.

7 meters is sufficient to make 1 soft top for most 4x4s.

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