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Weekend Getaways: Healthy and Recommended

By April 19, 2019 June 7th, 2019 No Comments

Sometimes we get trapped in the daily routine – running after our goals that we forget to look at the bigger picture. We all need a break from time to time to reflect on what we are doing and what keeps us motivated. No matter if you are young solo backpacker, a group of friends or a family planning a trip, a vacation is something we all look forward to. They can help relieve stress, bring a group / family closer through shared experiences, offer us opportunities to try new things and can also lead us on a journey of self exploration.

Sadly planning a vacation takes up a lot of time, is normally quite expensive, and requires a lot of off days which is difficult if one is working or studying. If it is a solo trip, accumulating the funds, planning the trip and lining up ones leaves can be hassle. If it is a group or family trip, making sure everybody’s days off fall together can be a big issue along with planning an itinerary that satisfies everyone in the group/family.

sayan nath outdoor lifeA good alternative to a long vacation is multiple weekend trips in close vicinity. Weekend getaways have shown similar health benefits to the leisure benefits of a long holiday such as lower blood pressure, healthy weight and lower stress hormones. Research conducted by scientists at the University of Pittsburgh’s Mind-Body Center showed that taking even a short break can lead to experiencing more positive emotions, less depression and more satisfaction. Experts maintain that taking a quick holiday helps improve our productivity in both work life as well as home life.

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Hence, rather than stressing ourselves in planning and executing a long vacation, we highly recommend you take smaller more frequent weekend getaways to keep yourself sharp, productive, stress free and happy in both , your personal and professional life. Read the next post to find some easy ways to plan a weekend getaway.