When you're an adventurer, your ride is everything to you! You take care of it and you experience the most amazing adventures of life with it. For you your ride is special but if a jeep that's exactly like yours exists, with the same model, same colour, and the same features, then how is yours different and special? Come, it’s time to make statements. Here are 8 easy ways to make your Jeep distinctive like a true badass!

1. Custom Paint Job
You can completely change the look of your Jeep with a custom paint job. You can either paint the entire deck or just streak it, whichever you prefer. You could also paint the tyres for a rugged or clean look.

2. Accessorize
Accessorising your Jeep is a cool way to make it unique. There are plenty of accessories available in the market. From Organisers to Door Card, Storage Tubes to Tool Roll, these small changes will make a huge impact on your Jeep's look and will also increase functionality.

3. A Decal
Adding decals to your Jeep is another easy way to make it stand out. The stickers can be customized to your liking and pasted on your Jeep. For instance, if your personality is like fire, you can paste a sticker that represents that trait or you could even get your favourite quotes printed.

4. Mount a flag!
The flag of your country, community, or even the Jeep group you belong to - whatever represents you, mount it. It can also be the flag of a social cause you support. It can either go on the front, on the top, or you can even put it on the spare wheel. A flag not only adds uniqueness but also gives the Jeep a personal touch that speaks volumes about you.

5. Get Bumpers
A bumper will not only enhance your Jeep's looks and off-roading capabilities but will also give it some extra protection. The variety of bumper designs is quite extensive. You can choose what goes best with your Jeep. Go get it!

6. Let the battle wounds tell your story!
For those who like things rough and tough, battle wounds are perfect! Battle wounds are now used to make your Jeep the best in its class. No need to cover up those scratches/dents you got while doing that stunt or offroading. Own up to them and when someone asks how they got them, tell them how you got them. You will have an interesting story to tell!

7. Get a tyre cover
A cool way to customise your Jeep is with a Spare Wheel Cover. Choose a tyre cover with colour or print that represents who you are! You can also go for a Spare Wheel Storage Bag for an organised look and extra storage space. So it's a win-win!

8. Name it!
This is one of our favourites! When you give a name to your Jeep, you give it an identity of its own. Your Jeep will no longer be a model but an individual. Your Jeep is your best mate, so call it like one!
Now that you have everything to make your Jeep stand out. What are you waiting for? Get started and turn heads with your unique ride!

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