Maruti Suzuki Gypsy Canvas Cabin Soft Top – ARMORO

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy Canvas Cabin Soft Top

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I feel the need...
The need for SPEED!


  • Made with the best – Rhinotuff® Canvas
  • 100% Waterproof Canvas
  • Heavy 750 GSM weight
  • (Not PVC or plastic)


  • YKK® double sided zippers
  • Brass / Gun Metal ARMORO branded buttons
  • Metal dog hook to lock the window from inside


  • 1 MM Thick True Clear windows
  • Made with Achilles® PVC imported from Japan
  • High UV fastness – does not turn milky or crack over time


  • Fits on stock body
  • No modification on vehicle required
  • Installation time – 5 mins


There are few chances that water might sip in through stitching area in places where heavy rainfall can be experienced.
To avoid such you can use a wax bar/waterproof sprays to fill those pores before monsoon. 

Use in Rain Flaps

When not in use, the rain flaps stick on to the soft top with velcro. They go unnoticed and stay hidden. The small “Use in Rain” label will remind you that they are there .

In case of rain, deploy the flaps which provide extra rain protection and does not allow water to get inside the cabin from above the doors.


You can just open the ventilation window.


Or open the entire door!