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Fabric Wax Bar

Fabric Wax Bar

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ARMORO Fabric Wax Bar is the ultimate solution for weatherproofing and enhancing the durability of your garments, 4x4 Soft Tops and outdoor gear! This wax bar is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts, fashion aficionados and anyone looking to protect their garments from the elements.

The bar is ideal to wax fabric surfaces and stitching seams.

Key Features:

Water Repellent Magic:
Our fabric wax proofing bar creates a powerful water-repellent barrier on your fabrics, keeping you dry and comfortable even in the harshest weather conditions. Say goodbye to soggy clothes and hello to adventure-ready gear!

Long-lasting Protection:
The specially formulated wax provides long-lasting protection to your fabrics, extending the life of your clothing and gear. No more worries about wear and tear – our wax proofing bar has got you covered.

Versatile Application:
Whether it's your favorite jacket, backpack, tent, or soft top, our fabric wax proofing bar is suitable for a wide range of fabrics. Bring new life to your old gear or enhance the weather resistance of your latest purchases.

Easy to Use:
Applying the wax is a breeze – simply rub the bar onto the fabric surface or stitching seams. After applying the wax, simply rub it in to let the wax melt with the warmth of your fingers or use a hair dryer. The melted wax works its own way and results in even distribution.

Portable and Compact:
Designed with convenience in mind, our compact wax proofing bar is easy to carry wherever your adventures take you. Toss it in your backpack, travel bag, or glove compartment – be prepared for any weather on the go.

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