It’s important you select the right model soft top for your Mahindra Thar and other Mahindra Jeep variants.

All ARMORO soft tops fit on the OE vehicle frame of your vehicle.

To keep it simple, there are only two types of soft tops. Let’s call the first one as Straight Back and the second one as Slanted Back.

The straight back is the design in which the rear end is completely straight. This version fits on Thar DI, MM540/ MM 550 and Thar models from 2010 till 2015.

In 2015, on the updated Thar, the soft top design changed with a slant cut on the rear end which we call the slanted back. This design fits all Thars from 2015 to 2020 and also on the Thar 700.

Fun fact: you can also install the slanted back on your old Thar models but for that, you will need the new soft top frame. (frames are not supplied with ARMORO soft tops)

Pictures of Mahindra Thar 2020 are being rumored around the internet which show the vehicle has completely transformed. These will eventually have a new soft top design. Lets see what Mahindra has got in store for us with the Thar 2020!