At ARMORO, it is our mindset to create only superior quality goods and nothing else. Our primary intention is to create products that provide high utility and durability which would last our customers even longer than their expectations. However, in our pursuit of perfection, some issues may arise.

We offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all our products.

Under the Warranty ARMORO will repair manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship issues for the life of the product.

While this warranty covers manufacturing defects, it does not cover any damage caused by misuse, neglect, accidents, abrasion or normal wear-and-tear. Kindly also note, that you must be the original purchaser of the products either from ARMORO directly or from one of its official distributors and resellers to claim the warranty benefits.

The Warranty

  1. Conditions as follows:

     Defects assumed as manufacturers fault:

  • Missed or poor stitching.
  • Missed or poor welding.
  • Inadequate reinforcement or insertion/attachment of hardware (e.g. eyelets, clips etc…)
  • Faults in raw materials as deemed by material manufacturer.
  1. These products are not warranted for:
  • General wear and tear of product through regular use.
  • Damage due to force majeure, such as which includes, without limitation, changes in state legislation, government acts, wars, floods, abnormally high winds and weather conditions, harmful fumes or foreign substances in the atmosphere.
  • Limitation of product misuse. This warranty does not cover products that are modified or damaged through misuse, abuse, accident, neglect or mishandling of product by purchaser or any other person
  • Vandalism
  1. Warranty covers:
  • Make good any manufacturing defects.
  • Replace the accepted defect materials by new materials.
  1. Warranty period:

A lifetime is deemed the expected life of the product as determined by the raw material manufacturer or as stated by ARMORO.

  • Automotive Products – 3 years full warranty

To request a Repair or Replacement Kindly follow the following steps (if purchased from ARMORO directly):

  1. Invoice number or the name of the purchaser
  2. A brief description of the defect
  3. Pictures of the area described
  4. Please submit your request to info@armoro.com

To request a Repair or Replacement, if purchased from Official ARMORO distributors and resellers, please approach the distributor/reseller with the issue. The distributor/reseller will approach ARMORO and initiate the process for repair or replacement.

Once the information is received, we will reach out to you with our repair instructions. If for any reason a repair cannot be made, we will replace your product. Please note that we cannot substitute a replacement product with a different style product unless the original product is no longer available for purchase.