At ARMORO, our primary intention is to create products that provide high utility and durability which would last our customers even longer than their expectations. However, in our pursuit of perfection, some issues may arise.

The Warranty

ARMORO offers warranty against manufacturing defects on all its products for 1 year from the date of purchase. Manufacturing defects considered:

  • Missed or poor stitching.
  • Missed or poor welding.
  • Inadequate reinforcement or insertion/attachment of hardware (like eyelets, clips, zippers, straps, etc.)
  • Faults in raw materials as deemed by material manufacturer.

Under the warranty, ARMORO may make good any manufacturing defects or offer replacement, whatever is appropriate.


Warranty does not include:

Damage caused by force majeure, misuse, mishandling, neglect, accidents, abrasion or general wear and tear of product through regular use. Products that are modified. Vandalism.


    To claim warranty on your products, please email us at info@armoro.com with the following:

    1. Invoice
    2. A brief description of the defect
    3. Pictures of the defect