It is always difficult to come to a decision on whether to get a hard top or a soft top for your vehicle. The best way to decide is to know all the facts and make an informed decision. Both Hard Top and Soft Top have major similarities like they are both 100% Waterproof and will protect you from the elements. They both do the job well however they have some crucial differences.

Following are key differences between a Hard Top and a Soft Top.


Hard Top:
FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic)

    Soft Top:
    Canvas (ranging from high poly cotton blend to 100% cotton)
    Nylon Cloth, etc.

      SET UP

      Hard Top:
      Time Consuming Setup
      Fabrication and Installation in Workshop
      May require Cutting and Welding on vehicle
      Installation Time Required: 7 -15 days

        Soft Top:
        Easy and Quick
        Can be set up without any professional help
        Does not require any cutting or welding
        Installation time required: less than 30 minutes


          Hard Top:
          Changed Look
          SUV Style Look

          Soft Top:
          Original Look
          Jeep Style Look


            Hard Top:
            Permanent Modification to your Vehicle
            Opportunity of Versatility is extremely limited
            Switching back from a Hard Top is very difficult

              Soft Top:
              Multiple Looks can be achieved for your Vehicle
              Raining, go with a full soft top
              Bright and Sunny, go with a Bikini or a Cabin hood
              Change your Soft Top based on your Mood and Activity Plans

                CABIN NOISE

                Hard Top:
                Better performance
                Minimal Outside Sound
                Due to Metal body and Insulation

                Soft Top:
                Weaker Performance compared to a Hard Top
                Due to Soft Top being made with Cloth


                  Hard Top:
                  Higher Level of Security
                  Almost similar to any other vehicle

                  Soft Top:
                  Basic Level of Security
                  Slightly lower as the Soft Top is made with Cloth


                    Hard Top:
                    Adds Significant Weight to the Vehicle

                    Soft Top:
                    Does not add much Weight to the Vehicle


                      Hard Top:
                      If removed off the body, Large Storage Space is Required
                      The Storage Space Needs to be Dry and Well-Maintained
                      May require a Garage/Store Room

                      Soft Top:
                      Can be easily Folded Down
                      Small Storage Space needed
                      Can easily fit in a wardrobe or closet


                      Hard Top:
                      A Big Investment
                      Starting from INR 70 k and go upwards of INR 1.5 lacs

                        Soft Top:
                        Not a Major Investment
                        Starting from as Low as INR 8k for the Bikini Soft Top and INR 17.5k for a Full Soft Top

                              There is no single best option. The right top depends on your individual needs and requirements. Weighing the pros and cons of each, it is best to decide what is the right fit for your vehicle. This is not an all encompassing list and we would like to know what other factors do you look at when deciding a Hard top vs. a Soft top.

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