May it be a road trip or just your daily drive to work, carrying a small toolkit with a few essentials can always get you out of  a tight situation and take care of things at least till you reach your trusted mechanic.

Here are a few tools we suggest that you should carry in your Tool Kit:

  1. Tire Air Pressure Gauge – With the majority of us using tubeless tires, spotting a puncture is not always easy. Having a pressure gauge and just checking your tire pressure will always keep you aware and protect you from potentially damaging your wheels long term.
  2. Tire Replacement Kit – Knowing you have puncture is only half the battle. As soon as you have spotted a puncture, you should replace it with your spare wheel. Your tire replacement kit should consist of basically a jack and a wrench to help you change your tires.
  3. Steel Tie Wire – If you accidentally bang into someone or something and have a part of your bumper or under part of your car hanging down, a steel wire is a major lifesaver. Just pull over to the side and tie it up. They are strong enough to hold things together and easy enough to use. This is a good solution till you get to your mechanic.
  4. Super Glue – A very simple item to carry can be very useful in just fixing small things.
  5. Zip Ties – These are very useful when it comes to organizing and holding your wires together and in the right place.
  6. Duct Tape/Electric Tape – Duct Tape is King! It should be the most important part of this list. Duct Tape is a quick fix for almost any and every issue.
  7. Knife / Cutter – With all these tying and quick mending systems in place, a good quality knife or cutter is very useful. It is also great in cases of emergency or self defense as well.
  8. Head Lamp / Torch – If you are caught in the dark, you are unable to do any of the things or use any of the tools mentioned above unless you have a torch or a headlamp.
  9. Windcheater/Safety Jacket – A good reflective windcheater can be very helpful as it will protect you from the elements, make you visible to other drivers on the road and also help you attract attention if you need any help.
  10. Screwdriver set – You might find it funny but sometimes just a few turns of the screw driver with the right head is all that is needed to make your ride smooth and comfortable.

This list is in no way full and final. It however gives a good idea of what you should carry in your vehicle at all times depending on your usage and purpose. We will soon be coming out with a list of tools in addition to this for those who are avid offroaders and DIYers.

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