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Front Door Cards for Maruti Suzuki Gypsy / Samurai

Front Door Cards for Maruti Suzuki Gypsy / Samurai

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Personal Space - Redefined!

Add a lot of functional space to your Maruti Suzuki Gypsy / Suzuki Samurai. A multitude of pockets and storage for a water bottle, wallet, mobile, keys, cash, or anything you want. There is also a dog hook for keyring latching.

(The bottle pocket easily fits a 1-liter water bottle without...

without being noticed at all)


Mahindra Thar Front Door Card Handle

Leather Grab Handle

The door card features a rugged leather grab handle which is lined with a strong canvas webbing. The grab handle is not only stitched to the door card but during installation 2 screws are fixed through the handles onto the door frame. This ensures a strong and confident grip on the entire door! You can slam the door but the grab handles will not blink an eye! 



Front Door Card for Mahindra Thar


Our unique one-hand snap button closing feature is simple but super convenient.


Front Door Card for Mahindra Thar

Attention to Detail

As the canvas is waterproof, any spill in the pocket will be trapped in it.

There is a tiny hole at the bottom of the pocket to avoid this.

Installation - 1 hour (at home)

The stock door trim will have to be removed and the new ARMOR Door Cards will be installed in the exact same screw holes.

New SS screws, SS washers, and plastic plugs are provided in the box.

The door cards are made with the same 100% waterproof canvas that is used for our soft tops. Available in 3 colors - Black, Sand, and Olive, it can be matched to your interior color scheme or even your ARMORO Soft Top.

Front Door Card for Mahindra Tha




  • Made with 100% waterproof canvas
  • Available in 3 colors Sand, Olive, and Black
  • Genuine leather grab handles
  • Size: H 17.75” X W 28.5” (HxW)
  • Item Comes in a Pair
  • New SS screws, SS washers, and plastic plugs in the box

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