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Throttle Controller for Thar / Jimny

Throttle Controller for Thar / Jimny

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Windbooster GT Throttle Controllers are a product that helps alleviate the lag associated with electronic drive-by-wire throttle technology in modern vehicles. They also allow users to tune their cars throttle ramp-up response to better suit their driving style and driving conditions.

And, it is as simple as Plug & Play!

How do they work?

Our controllers operate by inputting new reference, mapping, points into your cars throttle pedal assembly – which is also where they are plugged into or installed.

Once installed, the screen will display our data as modes & values and, from there, lets you quickly and easily modify your throttle ramp-up response for either a sharper or damper reaction – depending on what you select!

The WindBooster GT Throttle Controllers

Smart just got smarter.

With the Windbooster GT throttle controllers, we have integrated Bluetooth technology into it so that now you have the luxury of changing settings freely!

Downloading our Windbooster App now makes scrolling through settings a thing of the past, and now you can choose your settings on the fly!

It does not stop there either – we have also added a unique throttle-lockout feature, adding a little extra security to your car when it is engaged.

Throttle-lockout locks out your throttle pedal when activated to prevent any input or feedback from the pedal, and it is passcode protected!

By locking out your throttle pedal, nobody can merely grab your keys and drive away. Instead, they will now have to enter in your passcode into your app to unlock the pedal.

Intelligent Throttle Controllers Modes.

Are you wondering what the modes do? Let’s take a look!


Ever let someone else drive your pride and joy? Us, neither. 

But let’s say you did – maybe to park it.

Valet mode reduces the amount of throttle available, excellent for letting someone navigate your car through tight car parks.

Valet mode also has ten levels of sensitivity to filter through so you can find a range suitable for the situation.


As the name suggests, we want to slip a little less! 

Anti-Slip mode reduces your throttle responses sensitivity and makes for a much smoother ride. Great for technical off-roading and slippery conditions, even on the road, where you want your tyre to prove their worth!

Anti-Slip mode will provide ten levels of adjustment, so you can better fine-tune the response and find what suits.


Drag mode is a non-adjustable setting that ramps up from zero to hero, opening up your throttle as your momentum builds until it engages the highest possible setting our controller can offer.

Drag mode will help when you need to get up and go from a standstill.


This mode is also non-adjustable and reverts the vehicle to its factory-set response, lame and tame.

Normal mode is handy when having your vehicle is to be serviced; to help mechanics with a more natural feel of your car.


This mode is an intelligent mode that recognizes or identifies your pedals input on the fly, automatically adjusting itself for the best-increased response with the data it receives – bypassing the need to choose different modes manually.

It truly is set and forget!


We have all heard the phrase slow & steady wins the race, and economy mode does precisely that.

Economy mode dampens your throttle to gain you more control over your cars throttles ramp-up response, reducing wheelspin & traction-loss and increases your maneuverability & control.

Examples of where a dampened response is excellent are wet weather driving conditions, technical driving, and reversing trailers, caravans or boats – not to mention the potential it has also shown around fuel-efficiency.

The economy mode also has ten levels of sensitivity to filter through, so you can find a range that suits your driving style and driving conditions.

Sport, Sport+ and Race

Forget about intelligence and going slower. Let’s talk about performance – where the rubber meets the road!

Sport, Sport+ and Race mode help you get more from your car whilst still working within factory parameters – for added peace of mind. These modes achieve this by sharpening your throttle pedal parameters to introduce an enhanced throttle curve – resulting in a sharper and more reactive throttle response the higher the setting.

They each also have ten levels of sensitivity, much like the Economy mode, so that you can find a setting that best reflects your driving.

Sport mode is excellent for daily driving or perhaps driving around town. Removing throttle input lag and only slightly increasing throttle response throughout its ten levels of sensitivity.

Sport+ mode introduces a medium where all you needed was just that little sharper reaction for taking off or overtaking. We personally enjoy this mode when going for a more spirited drive or perhaps even a stroll through the mountains – for those winding roads!

Disclaimer: Buckle up!

Race mode has nothing besides performance driving and track or race events in mind. P3 will produce the fastest and most reactive throttle response to help get you into your cars optimal power ranger as fast as possible.

If you are not smiling already, you will now.

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